【IMPORTANT】I GOT SCAMMED!!! 詐欺に遭いました!!!!!!!!!!!

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1. Be nice to other viewers. Do not spam, troll, or argue with one another.
2. Do not engage with spammers or trolls. Please block and report any problematic messages.
3. Do not distribute other people’s private information.
4. Please stay on topic. Do not promote yourself or have personal conversations with other members of the audience.
5. Please don’t mention other streamers in chat unless they’re brought up during the stream. Similarly, don’t bring me up in other streamers’ chat unless given permission.

Art: https://twitter.com/kawanonaka11
BGM: Dova Syndrome

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8 Responses

  1. Kusa Chama says:

    Lesson learnt here, stop randomly giving your personal info this easily to people 😂

  2. sueflewalling says:

    Great stream yura

  3. Noel DeHesus says:

    3 hours of YURA GOT SCAMMED!!! Great story tonight Yura! have a goodnight!

  4. Darling says:

    Thank you Yura!

  5. Khoon Kit Lim says:

    Thank you for the stream, Yura! Please be careful when handling the scammers. There has been a lot of these cases lately. Good think you take it to the real police and hopefully the culprit will be taken into the custody!

  6. Loyd Casteneda says:

    Thank you for the stream Yura

  7. Grogro Milazzo says:

    Thank you for the stream, Yura.

  8. Raven236 says:

    Thanks for the tips Yura, lesson learnt.

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